Professional Background

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Masters degree in aerospace engineering, I have been working on various entrepreneurial projects and seeking relevant aerospace contracts within the context of Experimental Center for Applied Physical Systems (ECAPS), LLC, a small aerospace company near Houston, Texas that I founded in July 2012. I also co-founded the Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers, a nonprofit company in the Isle of Man that will eventually be an international, interdisciplinary, and hands-on undergraduate space unviersity. This page serves to outline a history of my projects and capabilities.

Aerospace Background

In grad school, I was part of the research group TASG working on deflection methods for the near-Earth asteroid Apophis. For my research details, please refer here. My thesis and presentation is viewable:

The research group TASG (Texas A&M University Apophis Study Group) has written several conference papers and proposals so far. On January 20, 2010, our proposal sent to KACST was positively approved, assuring us sufficient funding. On October 2009 (Oct. 12-16, 2009), we presented our project ideas at the International Symposium on Hazardous Near Earth Asteroids in Malta. This turned out to be a resounding success. We were applauded for both our innovative ideas and its practicial feasibility.

We also held our own Texas A&M conference on near earth asteroid exploration, mitigation, and public policy at Texas A&M in April. In mid-May, I personally went to the 2011 Planetary Defense Conference in Bucharest, Romania and presented the ground experimentation poster there. Lastly, at the end of May, I gave a short presentation of the state of affairs on our project currently from the broad perspective as well as a short study on the Sagan dilemma.

Presentations and the accompanying conference papers are available to read at your leisure:

In the past as an undergrad, I have worked on a couple of space design projects. A list of the submitted proposals that I've worked on:

Business Background

Through taking some business courses, I have worked with teams on several interesting projects:

Finally, I have worked on independent projects with colleagues:

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