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Shen Ge tutors students in physics, math, Chinese (中文), coding and standardized tests in Houston. More specifically, they include Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus, General Physics, AP Physics, College Physics, SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE. Please send me an email: shen AT shenge.us

Fees: Typically $70 per hour in hour in increments of 15 minutes at a minimum of 1 hour payable after each session. I am available for tutoring in-person in Houston, TX (Texas) at my address or a negotiable spot amenable to both parties.

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POET (诗人)

I write poetry and other works with some published on Amazon. If you like what you see, consider supporting me by buying one of them. Shen Ge Author Page

Latest Book: Requiem: The Space Between Words



Shen Ge (aka Rocket Man) hosts SG2 on Space LIVE every Wednesday from 6:30 - 7:00 PM US Central Time. Jump in the discussion on all things space-related with Shen and his frequent co-host Leonard Kramer as well as the occasional guest. Hear about those entrepreneurs who create new tech in the space frontier, chat on the physics of the great unknown, open up with some space poetry, and learn a little astrobiology or AKA "Shen Just Wants to Talk About Aliens". Remember the catchphrase: Look up! You never know what you might see!

As an example, here's a popular episode with Dr. Leonard Kramer on 23 MAR 2022 discussing James Webb Space Telescope:

Tune into ONLY weekly space show live in Houston every week (usually Wednesday from 6:30 - 7:00 PM US Central Time): Current Episodes
Past Episodes (2020 Fall to 2023 March)
Past Episodes (before 2020)

I am improving the show all the time and can use your support to take it to next step with segments on creative space (poetry), space cowboys (entrepreneurship) and astrobiology (aliens). There will be descriptions of each intro to these segments -- both audio and video. Support Rocket Man and Houston’s only weekly space show on Patreon.


With over four years of experience in aerospace engineering, coding, project management and technical writing, take a look at my resume and portfolio. I also have experience in journalism, creative writing, and radio.

My latest technical highlights can be seen in several posters and papers with my current work at Iron Ring Technologies for our primary customer Intuitive Machines

Hazard Detection and Avoidance

At 2022 AAS GNC Conference:


Synthetic Imagery

At 2022 AAS GNC Conference:

Synthetic Imagery Poster

At 2021 LSIC Terrain Relative Navigation Conference:

Synthetic Imagery Poster

If someone asks me, what skills do you have? I will answer with these:

System Engineering Physics Simulations Project Management Technical Writing
MATLAB (scientific computing) SPICE (NAIF) Python Numerical Methods
Flight Dynamics Synthetic Imagery Mission Design Mission Operations

Samples of MATLAB code written:


SG2 on Space (formerly The Shen Show on Space)

Radio Interview with Michael McCullar

Simplify Solar Tools and Resources PDF: 2014 - 2015 / Original website: Simplify Solar Tools and Resources

SolarSyz Blog PDF: 2014 - 2015 / Original blog entries: SolarSyz Blog

2015/07/28: Interview of Shen Ge and Sathvik Vasam on Solar Energy on Houston KPFT 90.1 FM Eco-Ology Show
If the link does not work, download the mp3.

2014/12/06: Interview of Shen Ge and Sathvik Vasam on Solar for the Kidz View KCOH 1230 AM
Unfortunately, the show is no longer active so the only link is on this website.

2014/09/02: Deflecting Near Earth Asteroids with Paint by Shen Ge

2014/07/07: The 2nd SPACE Conference examines human exploration and habitation in space

2013/10: Clarkesworld - Difficulties of an Asteroid Capture Mission

2013/06: 1st SPACE Retreat (January 2013) Tenerife, Canary Islands

2013/03/11: JennyWalshReporter - Spray Painting Asteroids Could Keep Them from Hitting Earth, Space Experts Say 10PM

2013/03/11: JennyWalshReporter - Spray Painting Asteroids Could Keep Them from Hitting Earth, Space Experts Say 6PM

2013/03/01: ABC 13 (Houston) - Texas A&M researchers: Paint can deflect threatening asteroid

2013/02/21: Science Daily - Killer Asteroid Detected? Get out a Paint Spray Gun

2013/02/21: News Blaze - Killer Asteroid Detected? Get out a Paint Spray Gun, Says Texas A&M Space Expert

2013/02/20: Houston Chronicles - Killer Asteroid Detected? Solution May Be as Simple as a Can of Paint

2012/10/01: Centauri Dreams - SPACE: A Personal Vision

2012/08: AIAA Houston July/August 2012 Horizons Issue

2012/07/23: Manx.net - SPACE Successfully Concludes Inaugural Events

2012/07/17: Isle of Man.com - ICM Space Joins in Space Exploration Conference with SPACE

2012/03/22: Isle of Man.com - SPACE: From Foray to Habitation Conference

2012/03/21: Manx.net - SPACE: From Foray to Habitation Conference

2012/02/22: Aviation Week - Young Engineers Launch Space Academy (Note: Subscription required.)

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